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The Modern Mind Card Game of Poker is Made More Accessible

As per Oxford dictionary “Poker is a Card Game played by two or more people who bet on the value of the hands dealt with them”. In other words in this game-winner is financially benefitted.

Card games

Card games are popular throughout the world over since 9th century when tang dynasty of China invented the first playing card.

Card games thrust challenge upon the players. Players excel by inherent intelligence, psychological endurance and oodles of luck to win the game.

Card games are played with a pack of specially designed palm-sized paper or plastic cards, marked with a set of motifs or designs. A set of cards is identical in shape and size. The Popular Card Games Are Poker, Bridge, Solitaire, Blackjack, Gin Rummy, Spoons, Hearts, Spades, Pandemic. While these are popular international Card Games some popular Indian Card Games are Satte pe Satta, Teen do panch, Bluff/ challenge, Donkey. Traditional Indian Card Games lost in the ruins of time are Ganjappa or ganja painted with themes from mythology, folktales. These were popular in the pre-Mughal era as well as in the Mughal period too. 


Poker is a modern recreational game developed in the 19th century in the United States and has since grown in popularity.  Poker is a high stake card ubiquitous game, yet involves addictive gambling. Over the years it has evolved from being game played amongst ordinary people as a pastime to World Tournaments and Late Night Poker. It is played both offline and online.  In the last couple of years, televised tournaments are organized with millions of dollars as a cash prize. One such televised programme is Late Night Poker, which made this game all the more popular among viewers. Because watching Poker is not that interesting as watching such TV shows that revolutionized that way viewers connect with the Poker game. With online slot machines sbobet wap, the popularity of the game has reached new levels.

How is it Played

Poker is a quintessential pastime game, but it takes a few years to learn the skills, but a whole lifetime to master the techniques. Poker has many variations. For example, Straight, Stud Poker, Draw poker and Community card poker. Each variation has its own set of rules, though the fundamentals of the game are same.

  • Primarily Poker is gambling through a well-drawn strategy, skill, and luck in the order of the day. It requires close observation of the players around; so-as-to decides when to fold of bluff. A grasp of Poker vocabulary, basic rules, Hands could make one a master of the game.
  • Some common terms of Poker are:
  1. Fold –to throw your hands away when it is your turn to act.
  2. Bluff- To make other players believe that they have a better hand ( which they may not)
  3. Hand- Players best five cards
  • One needs to memorize the 10- basic five card hands and their ranking from highest to lowest. This mastering is must be successful in a poker game as it helps to know whether your hand is good to bet on or bluff other players and whether to fold.
  • Start with no money or small money. This trick would not pressurize you and you will learn tricks of poker along the way.
  • Some basic table etiquette should be observed like avoid being showy, knowledgeable and be respectful of other players and be alert.

Libratus, an artificial intelligence poker playing robot

An artificially intelligent bot called Libratus has beaten four of the best poker players of the world in a 20-day tournament in Pittsburg Casino in 2017. It dismantled the belief that Poker is human game and bots or artificial intelligence would never make it.

Legal status of Poker

Some US states like Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey has made poker playing legal as it judged a mind game there. Other countries the world over are shifting towards a more liberal outlook. Various online portals offer online slot machines for better gameplay.

India is a budding online Poker playing game; Poker considered as a game of skill is now being played in India as many tournaments like Indian Poker Championship, India Poker series are organized here. Some well-known Poker players of India are Abhishek Goindi, Amit Verma, Husein Lakdapala, Aditya Agrawal, Anosh Patel, and Rahul Melwani.

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