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What are the SARMs Negative Side Effects

Making a muscular body is always had been a dream of any young guy who may or may not want to join bodybuilding as a career, everyone desires to have a great muscular body. There are many ways to make the great body, like gyming, calisthenics, and sports or by playing adventure sports like rock climbing, mountaineering etc. and to boost your muscle growth one can even go for natural supplements like a protein shake but taking synthetic supplements is something which is not at all cool. Synthetic supplements are of various kinds of products one of them is sarms (Selective Androgens Receptors Modulator). 101sarms have bunch more information on this topic.

What are these SARMs?

It’s a kind of drug that affects hormones in a specific way; it’s really very different from working of steroids. Steroids are actually animal testosterone; it is used by millions though even they are also really harmful to the body. Many side effects of steroids are seen as skin allergy, cancerous symptoms, gynecomastia, hair loss etc.


It is very different from steroids. It affects some selected pathway not the whole body, like fat loss or muscle growth. Though SARMs don’t have side effects like hair loss, gynecomastia, etc. it surely helps in shredding fat and growing muscles. That is one reason it is costlier than any other synthetic drugs. There is a variety of range of products that have SARMs like Ostarine (popularly known as MK-2866), LGD 4033, Cardarine, MK-677 (popularly known as Nutrobal), RAD140 (popularly known as Testolone), Yk-11, S4, Stenabolic (SR9009). Here you will know about sarms negative side effects.

Side Effects

  • Ostarine: Less production of testosterone in the body.
  • LGD 4033: Less production of natural testosterone, more than Ostarine. If someone who already has low testosterone one should absolutely avoid taking this.
  • Cardamine: Cardarine is found to be carcinogenic in Mice.  In simple words, it can be cancerous.
  • MK-677: People report to feel the moon face that means excess water retention in the face. That can result in many skin infections.
  • RAD- 140: Though no side effects of RAD- 140 is reported but, reports say that it can effect in decreased bone density and can cause breast cancer.
  • YK-11: It elevates liver value; means can spoil your liver.
  • S4: Vision impairment, means blurriness in vision which can ultimately result in blindness
  • SR9009: Decreased generation of new fat cells, decreased bile acid production in the liver.

And one of the biggest reasons why you should not use any of the SARMs is because it is illegal in many countries. Hard work is the key to healthy life no shortcuts like SARMs helps in long run.